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Breckwell Big E

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Easy to use! Easy to maintain! Economical to buy! This rugged and powerful stove is designed to bring you the most heat for the least cost. The Big E brings you all of the reliability and craftsmanship of a Breckwell at a very affordable price.


  • "Hot Rod" Automatic Firestarter
  • Heats up to 2,200 Square Feet
  • Digital One-Touch Control with Diagnostics
  • Up to 55,000 BTU Heat Input
  • 13 Tube Heat Exchange System
  • Up to 140 lb. Hopper Capacity
  • 81% Fuel Efficiency
  • Two Thermostat modes: high/low or on/off
  • Five Heat Settings
  • Low Speed Trim Setting
  • Limited Five-Year Warranty
  • EPA Exempt

Additional Info

  • Model:: Big E
  • Fuel:: Pellets
  • Capacity:: 2,200 Square Feet
  • Max BTU:: 55,000 BTUs
  • Type:: Stove
  • Style:: -
  • Construction:: Steel
  • Ignition Type:: Automatic
  • Colors:: Black
  • Thermostat:: Yes
  • Efficiency:: 81%
  • Hopper Size: 140 Pounds
  • Width:: 25.75" Wide
  • Height:: 32.5" High
  • Depth:: 24" Deep
  • Weight:: 275 Pounds

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  • Eric posted by Eric %PM, %21 %781 %2014 %12:%Feb

    I would take a look at the Enviro Mini 30k but or the Vista Flame by Enviro. I have both. The Vista Flame is 70k btu in my basement and only run when the temps get into the teens. The Vista Flame only needs cleaning every 3 or 4 days. I just clean the glass with a wet paper towel and vacuum put the ask pan. I vacuum it because that is much easier and cleaner then removing the pan and dumping it. You can reach the pan right from the fire box. These units burn great. I had an Englander 55shp240 but that needed cleaning every day and always had clinkers. Enviro's never have clinkers. I bout the Vista Flame because I needed more heat then just the Mini when the temps went way down. The Vista Flame is on sale at the FIREHOUSE Stove shop in NH. The unit is on Craigslist if they have any left. List 3,550 sale 2,100.

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  • gennie posted by gennie %PM, %11 %862 %2014 %14:%Feb


    we are looking at the breckwell big e
    looking for a price and anything else we need to know
    you can call us at 603 352 5229

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  • Kevin Thomas posted by Kevin Thomas %AM, %11 %666 %2013 %10:%Dec

    This stove is a work horse. It's not pretty and therefore not something you would put in your living room, but great in a finished or unfinished basement. I've owned this stove since 2007 and burn 5 to 7 tons per year.
    Maintenance is common sense stuff.
    1. When the ash pan is full, empty it (usually after 5 days of with high volume heat output. All of the manufactures claim to empty the ashes once per month or once per ton --- not true.
    2. Clean the glass (or don't). The glass does not stay clean for more than a couple of days. On high speeds, the glass stays cleaner longer. Not so much on low speeds.
    3. If a blower makes noise, replace it. Since 2007, I've replaced the convection and combustion blowers - one in 2010 and the other in 2013.
    4. If the a gasket is frayed, replace it - not a big deal.
    5. Most important, keep it clean. In a short amount of time, you will be able to tell when it needs cleaning by the way the pellets burn.

    I've had the best luck using hardwood pellets - the softwood pellets I've tried tend to "chunk up" in the burn pot.

    I strongly recommend using the thermostat feature. It's the same as heating with any other fuel -- don't run it when you don't need it. It will save you a ton (literally).

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  • Ken Mizell posted by Ken Mizell %PM, %20 %196 %2013 %22:%Nov

    First year for first pellet stove. Very good so far with room for improvement. 5 heat levels hard to see on side of stove close to floor. You must be straight away from it to tell (guess) which heat level you are on. Self starts within five minutes from turn on. Easy to clean, but ash drawer is too small for area it sits in and much ash can go around the pan to bottom of stove. Glass does not stay clean enough, I am trying better pellets soon, Clean Burn, have used mostly Pacific Super Premium. There are always v shaped smoke tracks on the glass. I can run my fingers along the inside of stove below door opening and feel small defects (bumps) at the base of each V. With better body and fender work it might be better. Breckwell is owned by U.S.Stove now and it was difficult to register the product. Hope I have no trouble as I fear Customer service may not be great. I like the big hopper and have second Big E in garage where it can be left unattended for days without refill. I wish I had more experience with other brands to compare better, but do not. Use thermostat on/off in garage but not in house. I just run it manually. Best priced unit I found in 2012.

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  • guest posted by guest %PM, %27 %716 %2013 %12:%Aug

    I am on my 5th season for the Breckwell Big E. This unit has been running 24/7 through the heating season on a setting of 4, burning an average of 7 tons. Burn pot cleaned every day and an general cleaning every 7 days. It has now been through 2 combustion motors, 2 convection motors, 1 auger motor, 1 control panel, 1 proof of fire sensor, 1 burn pot and 2 burn pot collars. I feel this unit did not accomplish the savings for the investment. The replacement parts, which I replaced myself, cost $1500. I hope this will help the next person thinking of purchasing one of these units

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  • guest posted by guest %PM, %27 %715 %2013 %12:%Aug

    I'm starting my 4th season with the Big E. It has worked flawlessly every season. Best part is, I haven't purchased 1 gallon of heating oil since. I can get roughly 1 day from 1 bag of pellets, so the quick math is...$4.00 per day. There's no way I could run my oil furnace for that. I maintain the stove per instructions, and I am extremely pleased.

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  • guest posted by guest %PM, %27 %715 %2013 %12:%Aug

    I'm in my 4th heating season with a Big E Home Heater (1700 sq. ft. 2 story home with basement in NH). From a home heating point of view, I have been extremely pleased with my Big E. The cost reduction from heating with oil is great. We keep the house warmer with pellets than we ever did or would using oil. I clean the unit weekly; this is an easy chore. From a heater operations point of view, I have two comments. One, I have been very pleased with the ease of operation and cleaning. We fill the hopper extension with 7 or 8 bags & its good-to-go for 3 or 4 or 5 days depending on the Heat Level setting. The physical structure of the unit seems to be standing up well. Two, I have been disappointed in the quality of some of the motors used in the Big E as measured by their short life span. I had to replace the Convection Blower last season. I had to replace the Auger Motor this season. Fortunately, it has been easy for someone without general handyman skill to replace these. However, I did not expect to have to replace 2 of the 3 motors in the unit within 2 or 3 years of their first use. We're burning about 4 to 4.5 tons of pellets each heating season. We assembled a metal shed outside the basement door & keep the pellets stored there.

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  • guest posted by guest %PM, %27 %715 %2013 %12:%Aug

    Ladies and Gentlemen as my 2nd season of pellet burning is coming to a close, I thought I'll drop this update off on the Big E. We fired up the stove at the end of October and continue to run it as we are having uneasonably cold nights here in Green Bay,WI. The stove has preformed well with no issues to speak of. We've gotten to know eachother alot better this season and the lighting issues I had in the beginning are a thing of the past. House size 2200 sqft on 2 levels. Percentage of heat vs. my boiler, 100% pellet heat this season. :) Average home temp throughout the heating season was 73 degrees. Pellet consumtpion will be 6 tons of Badgerland Brand. I'll be starting to test run other brands this next week or 2 as the Badgerland are no longer available from my supplier. Cleaning was done on a weekly basis as prescribed by the manufacturer. I firmly believe that all the negative reveiws out there regardless of brand are due to the "set it and forget it" mentallity. These stoves need tlc just like any other piece of equiptment. If you neglect them they WILL fail! I was apprehensive about the Big E at 1st but so far so good, another season almost in the books and our pellet heat is amazing to say the least. I love it when guests come over in T shirts and complain how hot it is in here as they are used to 63 or 65 degrees burning there Natural gas furnaces and spending more money. And yes I will kick it up a notch now and then to drive the point home, it's well worth the 50 cents worth of pellets to see them sweat, lol. Thank for looking. Until next season. AJ

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  • guest posted by guest %PM, %27 %712 %2013 %12:%Aug

    Breckwell Big E--This is year three for big e . great stove . i have hooked to cheap thermostat . I clean once a week . Have burned about 4 tons of hammer pellets and getting 4 more tons this week for next year . The room that the bige is located is about 76 degrees . my gas hot air furance did not run at all. This is the best money i have ever spent .

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  • guest posted by guest %PM, %27 %712 %2013 %12:%Aug

    Breckwell Big E--I wanted to get into an alternative fuel source for our family home to get out from under the instability of natural gas prices and my own destain for the monopoly supplier in my area. I spent countless hours reading hundreds of reveiws trying to make the most educated decision based on what my budget would allow and as much intel as I could gather and local availability. We settled on the Breckwell Big E to get our feet wet in the pellet burning realm, It is a reasonably priced unit that we felt would be a good starter stove. We choose to go the pellet route verses regular wood because of the ease of storage and use of pellets as we get older. We have used the Big E 1 season so far and are anticipating to another cozy winter as we head into October here in Wisconsin. I purchased the stove and a few things to set it up right away, the PVC for intake air and a few feet of double wall exhaust pipe for the short run to the chimney. We had the stove set up and running in under 2 hours. We previously were running a natural gas boiler to heat our home, there is no duct work to buy a pellet furnace which given our bugetary constraints made the stove a logical choice. I placed the Big E in our basement and am heating the basement and the 1st floor with this unit, approximately 4000 square feet. The basement sits at 75 degrees and the 1st floor at a comfortable 72-74 degrees with the unit running on setting 3 out of 5 at nght and setting 1 during the day while we are at work.I have not hooked up an upstairs thermostat up to it yet. The Big E has performed flawlessly for us, I had a few isues with lighting in the beginning but please remember I had no pellet burning knowledge at that point at all.As I learned more about the art of pellet burning and trust me it is not a set it and forget it solution to heating at all. Once you figure out the "needs" of whatever pellet burner you buy are you'll have it made. I've read alot of negative reveiws on many different makes and models and concluded that now and than parts go bad but mostly owners do not follow the cleaning and care schedules the manufacturer send along with each unit. Being new to the whole game last season, I followed the care and cleaning schedule to the letter and had no troubles with my Big E at all. We settled on Badgerland wood pellets after trying many different local brands and a couple national brands.The ash in the firebox with Badgerland was sooo much less and finer that it was noticable to even my untrained eye. The other motivator is that I khow where the sawdust comes from they make the pellets out of comes from, and my pallet supplier brings the pellets to me with my pallet loads. All in All I'd give the Bid E a big A+. Ease of setup,middle of the road price and great operating manual for the novice pellet burner.So for no mechanical problems and I've gotten over my lighting issues by learning about what my stove expects from me. Heating 4000 square feet broken into 2 floors to 72-74 degrees of wood heat is a wonderful experience!!!

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