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Harman P61A

The Harman P61A Pellet Stove relies on state-of-the-art technology to automatically adjust itself to your desired room temperature. Simply pour your pellets into the convenient top-loading hopper and set the temperature dial on your P61A. If the room is much cooler than the set temperature, the P61A will produce a large fire in order to quickly reach the desired temperature. If only a slight increase is needed, the P61A will burn a small fire. This way, no energy is wasted by overshooting your predetermined temperature level.

In addition to adjusting temperature levels, the P61A will automatically adjust itself for fuel quality. An ESP (Exhaust Sensing Probe) analyzes the output of the fuel being burned and adjusts the feed rate accordingly to increase fuel quality.

The P61 models have the widest heating range of any pellet stove. The P61A can burn any brand of wood pellet regardless of the ash content. This allows you to buy lower cost pellets and achieve the same resul


  • ESP Control
  • Room Sensor
  • Patented Feeder
  • Patented Burn Pot
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Swing Open Ash Door
  • Accordion Heat Exchanger
  • Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
  • Super Easy Cleaning
  • More than 100 Square Inches of Glass
  • P61A Automatic Ignition

Additional Info

  • Model:: P61A
  • Fuel:: Pellets
  • Capacity:: 3,500 Square Feet
  • Max BTU:: 61,000 BTUs
  • Type:: Stove
  • Style:: Traditional
  • Construction:: Cast Iron
  • Ignition Type:: Automatic
  • Thermostat:: Yes
  • Efficiency:: 78%
  • Hopper Size: 72 Pounds
  • Width:: 23.5" Wide
  • Height:: 34.5" High
  • Depth:: 29.5" Deep
  • Weight:: 249 Pounds

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  • Comment Link Troy L Monday, 27 January 2014 17:20 posted by Troy L

    I haven't had a bit of trouble from my Harman burner. I clean the inside in the spring so she's ready to go for the next winter. I recommend a harman to anyone who asks me about pellet stoves.

  • Comment Link Rob L Friday, 03 January 2014 16:02 posted by Rob L

    I live in Massachusetts in a rural community in a 1300+ sf 1960's era post and beam home. The house is insulated but drafty and has an unheated crawl space beneath the main floor.

    I have had my P61A for just over 3 years (Purchased Thanksgiving 2010). I have run 9.25 tons of pellets through it in that time. Its quality and performance is top notch in my opinion. The ease-of-cleaning features built in give it an 11 out of 10 for regular maintenance.

    The ESP system makes this stove extra special. My old Breckwell could have been an open fire pit for the heat it put out in comparison. The automatic adjustment has allowed me to run less expensive pellets and get nearly the same heat from them. In comparison to my father, running the exact same year/model P61A only gets 25 deg more heat by using more expensive premium wood pellets.

    my stove control settings are:

    Room Temp sensor mode: 72 deg
    Feed Rate: 2-1/2
    Blower speed: High

    Surface temp averages 350-375 deg F.

    Run in manual mode at the same feed rate and a stove temp of 75 and can achieve a surface temp of 425 deg F.

    I heat my entire home primarily with this stove. I supplement with an a dutch west sequoia sll-nighter wood stove in my addition when its especially cold.

    Cons: In the time I have owned the stove I used the gold level warranty to replace a failed feeder board. The dealer stood behind the sale and dispatched a tech within 48 hours. I was actually able to install the board myself since there was a delay in getting the tech to me. The dealer had told me the board would arrive configured for my serial number stove and it did not. The technician had to come and configure all the dip switches on the board AND tweak the feed rate by adjusting a set screw in order for the stove to operate properly.

    I have no other negatives to mention.

    Overall the design and functionality of this stove is leaps and bounds above the others I have had personal experience with (Breckwell and St Croix). The P61A is not a pretty stove unless you opt for all the shiny bling. All the glitzy add-ons cost (the polished door cover and fancy ashbox insert). In its most basic form, it is a hard working well constructed stove that has provided consistent heating performance for 3 years and counting.

    On a scale from 1 - 10, I give the P61A a solid 9.0

  • Comment Link Jerry Brown Tuesday, 10 December 2013 10:33 posted by Jerry Brown

    I have had my P61 since about 2005 and have not had any issues accept a blower motor, this stove is designed to burn all qualities of wood pellets.
    A wood pellet stove is no good if it relies on a certain quality pellet, it will ahve you chasing all around looking for the only quality pellet that will burn in your stove! So give it up for a Harmon, they cost more but are worth every additional penny.

  • Comment Link Eric Kretschmar Monday, 02 December 2013 10:43 posted by Eric Kretschmar

    I am heating my 2400 sq ft 1940s cape entirely off this stove, and we are as warm as we want to be. About 4 tons gets me through a year, and cost wise, this is between 1/2 and 1/3 what I was spending on oil. The up front cost of a premium stove is well worth the savings you experience during the heating season.

    Negatives: It can be pretty loud depending on how close it is to your living area. All stoves require (best practice) weekly cleaning. For me, it takes about 15 min on this stove.

  • Comment Link Gerlad W brown Saturday, 07 September 2013 22:04 posted by Gerlad W brown

    Best thing I ever have done was get my Harmon P61. No hassle burns anything and is absolutely trouble free for over 5 years now

  • Comment Link Johnny Jones Monday, 02 September 2013 09:31 posted by Johnny Jones

    Love the p61a. This will be our third winter with it. One more season and it will have paid for itself with all the money i saved from not buying oil.

  • Comment Link Setharino Fischer Friday, 30 August 2013 21:39 posted by Setharino Fischer

    Fantastic stove. I bought this about 8 years ago and the only problems I had were cleared up by a thorough cleaning. It can a little loud at times, but it keeps my family warm and is our sole source of heat.

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