Harman P68

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The Harman P68 Pellet Stove will burn any grade of pellet at maximum efficiency. Wood pellets have become a popular form of heat because they are environmentally friendly, extremely clean burning and cost effective. This means you can purchase the lower quality pellets and still keep your home at your desired temperature.

The P68 automatically lights its own fire and burns at the correct output to maintain the desired room temperature. When no heat is required, the P68 will shutdown and re-ignite when the demand for heat returns.

Just fill the hopper with pellets and set the desired temperature. The P68 will do the rest except for ash removal, which will be needed after approximately one ton of pellets has been consumed.

Automatic Temperature Control

The P-Series' automatic temperature control system eliminates the warm/cold cycle associated with thermostatically controlled heating systems and even turns the stove on and off as needed.
Patented Feeder & Burn Pot

The P-Series underfire feeder system precisely meters pellet fuel into our patented burn pot, which can burn all grades of pellet fuel. In addition, the stove's burn pot allows fuel to be burned at a very low rate.
Exclusive Ignition System

The XXV draws in air across a specially designed heating element located in the bottom of the burn pot. The air is then heated to the point where it ignites the pellets as they enter the burn pot.
Accordion Heat Exchanger

The P-Series' accordion heat exchanger allows a large amount of surface area to be placed in a small area, greatly increasing heat transfer efficiency.
Exclusive Ignition System

The P-Series draws in air across a specially designed heating element located in the bottom of the burn pot. The air is then heated to the point where it ignites the pellets as they enter the burn pot. Designed for long life, the ignition system is covered by the Hearth & Home Technologies warranty.
Direct Vent

Harman pellet stoves are 100% true direct vent pellet stoves. By using the optional outside air kit, the stove can be set up to use 100% outside air (not room air), thus allowing the stove to be installed closer to door and window openings than other brands. This versatility allows the stove to be placed where it best fits the layout of the room while saving the cost of additional venting.
Additional Features:

  • Fresh Look
  • Hook and Roller Door Latch
  • ESP Control
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Room Sensor
  • Patented Feeder
  • Patented Burn Pot
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Swing Open Ash Door
  • Accordion Heat Exchanger
  • Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
  • Super Easy Cleaning
  • More than 127 Square Inches Of Glass

Additional Info

  • Model:: P68
  • Fuel:: Pellets
  • Capacity:: 3900 sq. ft.
  • Max BTU:: 68000
  • Type:: Stove
  • Style:: Traditional
  • Construction:: Cast Iron
  • Ignition Type:: Automatic
  • Thermostat:: Yes
  • Efficiency:: -
  • Hopper Size: pounds
  • Width:: 23.5"
  • Height:: 37"
  • Depth:: 29.5"
  • Weight:: 290 lbs

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  • Paul Cushion posted by Paul Cushion %AM, %06 %605 %2014 %08:%Mar

    This by far THE BEST investment my wife and I made several years ago. With the cost of fuel oil on the rise, we have saved a ton (no pun intended). It heats our 2500+ sq. ft. home easily. I always say it doesn't just heat the air in the house, it heats the "meat"... Meaning, the walls, ceilings, and eventually the floors upstairs.

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  • Sam Maceau posted by Sam Maceau %PM, %30 %017 %2013 %18:%Dec

    I purchased this pellet stove and simply love it. It throws good heat.
    The stove looks so nice at night when it burns the pellets.
    The stove & the pellets are the best investment I had made. It heats
    my whole house.I have had the stove for 6 years. It is well worth the
    money I paid for it. I highly recommended this stove to everyone!

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  • Matt Stevens posted by Matt Stevens %PM, %19 %753 %2013 %12:%Dec

    To install my Harman P68, we had to run a new line up through 2 floors of chimney, but we haven't had to use our electric heat since, and we have the lowest winter electric bills on our street (yes, we're friendly with the neighbors). This heats our home of 3853 square feet. The automatic ignition and room sensor means we can set the temp and forget about it. The 76-lb capacity pellet bin lets us set it up and leave it for many hours at a time; if it's running full-time, I might only fill it 5-10 times a week. In central OH, with the P68 as our only heat source, we'll use 3-5 tons of pellets each Winter. The large ash pan and multi-stage efficiency burning mechanism demands infrequent cleanings. The auger has never once "jammed" and I've used from the lowest quality "Easy Heat" pellets, up through the highest quality Somerset hard wood pellets. This thing burns everything, efficiently, and without my having to watch over it. It's the best purchase for our home that I've ever made.

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  • Kantra posted by Kantra %PM, %18 %022 %2013 %19:%Sep

    This will be our 5th year with this stove, I use soft wood, seems to burn the best for me. Heats my whole house upstairs also haven't burned oil in 5 years. Great stove that paid for itself in the 2nd year.

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  • Bryan posted by Bryan %PM, %16 %095 %2013 %21:%Sep

    Not the cheapest purchase price, but hands down is definitely the best stove on market! Highly recommended.

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  • Walter posted by Walter %PM, %03 %824 %2013 %14:%Sep

    Have had this Harmon P68 for 4 years now and would not think of any other stove to use, great heat easy to clean and use. This stove has paid for itself 5 times over.

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